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The end of the world and the back of a garden contain the same amount of marvels. 

- Christian Bobin

Sketching the Big Apple in my sketchbook is always a pleasure. Taking the time to sit down and to soak in my surroundings... Later, when I return home, I might repaint my sketches on a larger scale.

Located between the Rhône and the Saône Rivers, the historical old Lyon is a delight for sketchbookers. With its cobblestone streets, vibrant-colored building facades and upbeat restaurants in the city of gastronimy... It's a treat to paint it! 

In Southern Morroco, terracotta colors fill my sketchbook! It was a special trip with bright colors and beautiful memories to remember.

"A book is a like a garden carried in the pocket." -Glady Taber


Bali is like a Garden of Eden that I brought back with me through the pages of my sketchbook.  

From one neighborhood to the next, London keeps revealing its legendary originality. Here are a few pages of weekends spent in a cosmopolitan city that never ceases to surprise me. 

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